Anatomy of a Viral Private School Blog Post

Even if we won't admit it, every private school marketer dreams that someday, somehow, we will reach the pinnacle of the Internet. It's a feat so rare and unexpected that we dare not even whisper it or it's sure to elude us. It's the Holy Grail. The Brass Ring. The Pot of Gold. You know, it's the Viral Post.


A Head of School’s Silver Lining

Last spring I had the honor of working with the admissions and marketing communications teams at Beauvoir - The National Cathedral Elementary School. Stepping foot on Beauvoir's campus is absolutely magical. Perched atop a hill and with a closeup view of The National Cathedral -— it really is breathtaking. And the heart of the school …

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The Question that Got My Attention

On a recent consulting visit to a PreK – 12 school, I interviewed a group of high schoolers to help inform my recommendations for the school’s marketing communications and enrollment management efforts. Whenever I meet with student groups, I always share with them that I, too, was a product of an independent school (a “lifer” …

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